Help & FAQs

What makes Spa For One different?

Our products are crafted from high quality essential oils and natural ingredients to curate a home spa experience enriched with aromatherapy. We meticulously craft our tablets, package them to prolong their shelf life, and produce them in the most environmentally friendly setting.

What are the recommended methods for using these shower tablets effectively?

For optimal results, use one tablet per shower, or double the potency by using two tablets when necessary. Shower steamers are most effective when used in a hot shower, ensuring they are not fully submerged but placed beneath the stream of hot water.

Can these shower steamers be used as bath bombs?

No, we do not recommend using these as bath bombs. However, if they are being used in a shower bath, this is perfectly ok! Just ensure the shower steamers are not submerged in water but instead on the side of the bath tub to ensure a slow release of essential oil aromatherapy.

Will these tablets cause stains, or clogs drains?

Unlike other branded shower tablets containing petals, Spa For One Shower Steamers dissolve seamlessly, which means they will not clog drains, or cause stains.

Do these shower tablets come with an expiration date?

Each shower tablet is individually sealed in foil packaging to ensure an extended shelf life. We recommend using the shower steamers within a year for the best experience.

What is the typical duration of each shower steamer?

The longevity of each tablet can vary depending on the individual and the water pressure in their shower. It may range from 10 to 30 minutes.

Are the shower steamers safe for use during pregnancy?

Generally, aromatherapy is considered safe for expectant mothers. However, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional before using them to obtain confirmation.